About Dr.Kannan

A well known Surgical Gastroenterologist ,Laparoscopic Surgeon and Laser surgeon in Chennai. He is currently the director of LIFE CARE DKG HOSPITAL at Villivakkam. He is one of the BEST DOCTOR's In INDIA for the treatment of PILES, FISSURE, and FISTULA using Laser. Formerly he was a full time senior consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon and Laser surgeon at Billroth Hospital.

He is a specialist surgeon for surgical diseases of esophagus (food pipe), stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, colon and rectum. He is also specialized in laparoscopic surgery for hernia {incisional hernia, inguinal, umbilical and femoral hernia}. 

He is having a very vast experience in INDIA for laser haemorrhoidectomy for piles {more than 6000 surgeries done till date}. He is number the one surgeon and pioneer in stapler procedure for piles.{more than 400 surgeries till date}.

Dr.Kannan Joined Chengalpet Medical College in the year 1989. Kannan was tutored under the guidance of many famous gurus like, Dr.John Vaseegaran, Dr.Francis, and Dr.Raja Billi Graham. Even before completing his MBBS degree, Kannan decided that he wanted to become a surgeon. The main reason for kannan choosing to opt for surgery is the inspiration he drew from Dr. Raja Billi Graham. Not just deciding surgery, Kannan also decided to pursue his specialization in Gastroenterology as, this is the only field, where day to day issues are treated, which gives immense satisfaction to both the doctor and patient.

After completing his MBBS, Kannan joined the Kilpauk Medical College to pursue is MS. Here he was trained by leading surgeons, Prof. Rajagopal, Mohan and Prem chandran. After completing his MS in 1999, Kannan joined Billroth hospital and practiced under the guidance of Dr. V.Jagannathan, a very famous gastroenterology surgeon, who was pioneer in introducing laser, laparoscopy and other forms of advanced surgery in Chennai. In Billroth, he worked with Dr.VJ as a consultant surgeon and gained much experience by treating variety of patients with different problems ranging from Appendicitis to Grade 4 Piles, to most serious issues including carcinoma. He also started performing both basic and advanced laparoscopic surgery. 

In the year 2004, Kannan joined MMC to pursue is DNB in Surgical Gastroenterology. He further gained much knowledge under the expert guidance of professor SriKumari  Damodharam and Dr.M Subramaniam. After completing the 3 years speicialised training in the department of surgical gastroenterology and proctology by December 2006, he became Chief Surgeon and Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist. He then became a senior consultant surgical Gastroenterologist during the year 2010 and practiced there till 2012.

He was also closely associated with Prof.R.Surendran, who was well known surgical Gastroenterologist and a liver transplant surgeon.

Dr.Kannan, has also closely interacted with Prof.Dr.N.Rangabashyam, who is known as father of surgical Gastroenterology, who also started the Mch Course in the country, in various capacities. 

 In July 2012, he started the Life care DKJ hospital at villivakkam and is currently the director and Chief surgeon. Over the career spanning more than one decade, he has performed, over 6000 Piles, 400 Stapler Piles, and thousands of other surgery, which includes, appendicitis, colorectal surgeries, Bariatric surgery, esophageal surgery, and so many complicated gastrointestinal surgeries. 

Kannan is married to Smt.Uma Maheshwari and is blessed with 2 kids, Sudharshini and Sai Pranav.